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track rollers
Jun 21
How to choose bulldozer track rollers
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When selecting a bulldozer track roller, several factors need to be considered:

1. Material selection: The track roller should be made of high-strength and wear-resistant materials. Common materials include 40Mn2 round steel, 45 steel, 50Mn, etc. Original equipment manufacturers often use 40Mn2 round steel, which undergoes heat treatment such as overall heating and surface quenching. Some cheaper products may use 45 steel or 50Mn, which are processed through intermediate frequency treatment.

2. Structural design: The track roller’s structure should meet the requirements of continuous travel and be able to withstand high running ratios. Its structure is generally different from that of excavators and needs to have high quality and durability.

3. Ball iron sleeve and inner liner: The ball iron sleeve is commonly made of QT45-10, and the inner liner is often made of a copper alloy bimetal sleeve. Some cheaper products may use HT250 material for the ball iron sleeve and a zinc-aluminum alloy for the inner liner to reduce costs. However, this may affect the service life and performance.

4. Floating seal components: The track roller’s floating seal components should have high wear resistance and sealing performance. High-end products often use 15Cr3Mo as the sealing material, with a minimum service life of 5000 hours. Some lower-end products may reduce the alloy elements in the sealing components, such as using 15Cr1Mo material, to lower costs.

When selecting a bulldozer track roller, it is recommended to prioritize original equipment or certified high-quality products to ensure their quality and reliability. Additionally, consider the specific working environment and requirements to choose the appropriate model and specification of the track roller.